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Spheroidal casting

MKI International
Spheroidal casting
Area of application
Automobile industry, engine construction, electrical industry, etc.
Shaping technique
Mechanical mould casting (DISAMATIC, Künkel Wagner, Wagner Sinto)
Unit weight MKI InternationalIndividual production: 400 – 20.000 kg
MKI InternationalBatch production: 2,5 – 35 kg
Order quantity MKI InternationalIndividual production: 1 – 10 units
MKI InternationalBatch production: 50 – 10.000 units
Finishing MKI InternationalCoating via water soluble paint
MKI InternationalPowdercoating
High-precision machining on CNC machines
Models are being tailored to suit a market need
Materias: synthetic, brass, steel